Enviro Audits &  Assessments

Knowing exactly how to make your organisation more sustainable can be a puzzle for many people. A sustainability ‘audit’ or assessment measures exactly what your environmental impacts are, enabling you to get a clearer picture of where to direct efforts to reduce your impact.

Assessments help build practical and effective pathways to make your operations more sustainable and cost effective. Creative Environment are experienced in delivering various forms of sustainability assessment including:

o   Energy and water audits

o   Sustainability Management Plans

o   Building energy ratings

o   Sustainable energy design and carbon accounting


Creative Environment can design and tailor assessment services to meet organisational needs, including any relevant regulations or legislation. CEE’s services comply with relevant Australian and International Standards including BCA, AS 3598: Energy Audits and ISO 14000.

Creative Environment is proud to offer full follow up services including coordination of retrofits, establishing sustainable supply chains and coordinating the trades-people as well as follow up and performance monitoring over time to track progress and improvements.

Sammy changes light at the Corner

Lighting retrofit at Corner Hotel

The team at Creative Environment Enterprises has over 17 years experience in energy and water audits for clients such as;

  • GreenSync
  • The City of Melbourne
  • The Corner Hotel
  • Sydney Myer Music Bowl
  • Murray Goulburn Co-operative
  • RACV Maryborough Energy Breakthrough

    Corner Audit Computer

    Detailed equipment inventories

  • Rooftop Bar & Cinema
  • The Yarraville Club
  • Tupperware
  • The Grandview Hotel
  • The Laneway Festival
  • Big Day Out Festival
  • Golden Plains Festival
  • UK Speedboat World Speed Record
  • Implant Media & Design

It’s all very well undertaking audits that identify efficiency opportunities, however, unless you actually implement the actions, the assessment isn’t really worth anything and you won’t start reaping the profits!