Sidney Myer Music Bowl Sustainability Services

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Helping The Myer Music Bowl

Creative Environment Enterprises are proud to be actively supporting the Myer Music Bowl to improve its sustainability through a number of initiatives.

Following sustainability assessment at the iconic Melbourne venue and during events, we have working with our partners, Treecreds, to reduce the energy consumption of The Bowl, as well as develop a voluntary carbon offset package for events held at the The Bowl.

Available through the online ticket purchasing process, the voluntary carbon offsets are provided through the highest quality avoided de-forestation offsets, offered through Treecreds and fully meeting the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

On site at the Bowl we have supported the venue management in lighting retrofits and upgrades, as well as additional energy efficiency and carbon management measures that are currently in progress.

Avoided de-forestation offsets are rather unusual in that they help protect existing Australian native forests, which we think is great for protecting biodiversity as well as keeping carbon in the forests where it belongs.

The “per-punter” carbon offset figure was calculated through detailed and careful analysis of The Bowl’s real emissions figures. This included waste, onsite energy consumption figures, as well as transport surveys of actual punters attending the The Bowl, analysing how they travelled to and from the events.

The Bowl hosts a range of different types of events, from symphony orchestras to full day music festivals. We made sure that we covered a range of these different types of events in our assessment, to make sure we had a clear picture of The Bowl’s environmental impacts.

We are continuing to work with The Bowl and Treecreds to monitor and report on their environmental improvements over time and support them to implement more sustainable energy and water projects onsite.


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