Creative Environment Enterprises can provide project scoping and quoting services for your project.


Many projects we have delivered are unique packages that we’ve put together in conjunction with clients to suit a project’s unique aims and context. We also network with specialist practitioners in most related sustainability fields, artists, production teams and even sustainability policy experts. With these partners we can cover a broad range of sustainability services at a depth that only highly skilled and experienced people can deliver.

However, here are some of the basic services we can provide. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss how best to support your sustainability project to achieve it’s outcomes.

Quotations and fees for service information available on request. 
Carbon Count
Level 1 energy audit and carbon footprint The initial, comprehensive carbon accounting service. Gathering data from all emission source this is usually a remote calculation service based on AS 3598:2000, to give you accurate carbon emission profiles for monitoring and reporting requirements.Some basic efficiency recommendations also included.
Energy and Water Audit
Level 2 audit for both energy and water Detailed and comprehensive energy and water audit. Including an in-depth site inspection and creation of comprehensive equipment inventory, energy consumption profile and detailed recommendations carefully tailored from your premises. Also based on AS 3598:2000
Carbon Management Strategy
Comprehensive carbon management strategic planning services Full carbon emissions profiling, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement services.Will often include a full identification of mitigation measures and implementation action plan including costs and timeline
Get Down
Sustainability improvement plan for festivals and events Services include event assessment and on-site support like energy audits, mobile renewable energy generators, community outreach and engagement, follow-up and support
Community Emissions Reduction Package
Carefully tailored strategic planning and programme design Built on genuine stakeholder engagement and facilitation, this is about designing the most effective and efficient way to tackle community emissions reduction, tailored to suit your community, municipality or organisation
Implementation & Retrofits
Project design, management and implementation We can coordinate equipment changes, retrofits, installation of monitoring equipment and a range of specialist technical services
Co-generation &
Renewable Energy Project Management
Consultative and support services Independent consultancy for scoping, feasibility and tendering stages and high-level technical support for proposed co-generationa and renewable energy projects