Corner Hotel

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Since 2007, CEE has worked closely with the Corner Hotel on managing its resource consumption to cut costs and reduce its impact on the environment. CEE has collaborated with Corner management to implement resource management strategies that are specific to the way the Corner operates and integrated into operational plans and practices. CEE has achieved this through working with the Corner in delivering effective outcomes in the spirit of the venues approach to deliver a high quality service in a relaxed and friendly manner with a minimum of fuss.

To begin our work with the Corner, CEE undertook water & energy audits for the to measure resource consumption at the venue. This analysis was then used to identify efficiency possibilities and create a firm plan reducing resource use and expenditure.

This initial audit and collaboration created the foundation for a successful complete lighting retrofit of the venue with support from the Environment Shop and Sustainability Victoria as part of the Eco-lighting project.

Saving the venue an estimated $9,000 a year on electricity and maintenance (nearly $5,000 on electricity alone) over 50 tones of carbon dioxide equivalent (cO2e) is saved annually from the venues operations through reduced energy consumption through lighting efficiencies.

For more information on what the lighting retrofit entailed and how these savings were made, see the Corner Hotel Eco-lighting Case Study.


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