Germinate stage

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Germinate is Australia’s largest fully integrated mobile renewable energy powered sound and lighting system.

An industry partnership between CEE & RMIT University, Germinate is inspiring audiences and producers alike while breaking new ground in sustainable event production.

Germinate has entertained and engaged audiences at large scale music events (such as the Melbourne Harvest Festival where the DJ outfits of the Herbaliser (see picture), Family Stone & Trojan Sound system mixed up a storm), remote indigenous communities and local government events such as the Moreland City Council 2011 Carols by Candlelight.

The Germinate renewable energy rig has literally a ton of batteries (all recycled!) equivalent to 24 kilowatt hours of power charged by a .5 kilowatt solar panel array and 2 inverters with a total 5 kilowatt output. This means Germinate can power a small to medium music festival stage using standard 240V music amplification equipment.

In terms of length and intensity of run times, Germinate can run a DJ PA & lighting set-up for multiple days & nights on end with no sunshine. We can also power most full bands with PA, lights & back line all day & night with no sunshine – even longer when the sun shines!

The aim of The Germinate Project is to realise the sustainability aspirations of the events and entertainment industry through implementing best practice in renewable power generation and efficient audio technology.

Germinate is also about demonstrating that sustainability isn’t just something we do in the home or office – it’s a part of everything we do in life – including enjoying music and culture¬† at Australia’s leading events, festivals and community gatherings.


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